We Love MCR will receive 10% of the sales of the exclusive Nike ‘Air Force 1 Manchester’ trainer. The shoes are available exclusively through size?, with Rising Stars Fund alumnus (and our ambassador) Maria featuring heavily in their promotional campaign.

The “Air Force 1 Manchester” is the result of a collaboration between Nike, and specialist trainer distributor size?size? came to us with the idea of creating a shoe that would celebrate Manchester and feature the iconic Worker Bee trademark that represents the industrious ambition of our city. The shoe itself features tastefully highlighted design elements which represent Manchester. The image above shows a pair held by our Chair of Trustees, Lord Mayor of Manchester Councillor Tommy Judge.

Of the vast array of work we do for our city, one programme struck a chord with the size? team, and helped give them inspiration for the Air Force 1 Manchester promotional campaign: our Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund. Through this, we provide ambitious young Mancunians with critical support to overcome financial barriers to success, in a world that is increasingly full of them for young people. 

Maria’s story stood out to them as an example of a young woman overcoming multiple odds through her determination and self-belief, to now be flourishing in her chosen path of midwifery. If our support contributed to even 1% of her success, then we are very proud. size? chose Maria to be one of their three promotional figureheads alongside incredibly talented local musician [KSR] and Manchester nightlife icon Luke Unabomber. We’re incredibly proud of Maria as a We Love Manchester Ambassador to be sat amongst such company and hold her own as she did – definitely a natural in front of the camera! They filmed her part of the campaign in Manchester Central Library, a location that she holds close to her heart. Her incredibly powerful video will be posted as the final video from the campaign on Tuesday night, 17th November, and pictures from the shoot are throughout this post. 

Lord Mayor Councillor Tommy Judge, our Chair of Trustees, had this to say about the partnership:

“This fantastic initiative unites Manchester’s iconic Worker Bee with a world-class product. It is our greatest brand collaboration so far, by far!”

“The funds we raise from every pair bought means we can support young Mancunians from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their potential. Our Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund awards grants to ambitious young people, to help them take their next steps to success in work, qualifications or entrepreneurship. With this help from size? and Nike, we can give a leg-up to even more talented young people looking to succeed in Manchester.”

We hope the donation from this size? campaign will amount to almost £40,000, a sum that could support dozens of young people through the Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund. We are thrilled by this Partnership, and will be sharing the campaign material across our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Find out more about the shoe itself, see some incredible up close shots, and how to get a pair at size?’s website here. 

We are always looking for high-quality collaborations with leading brands. Please contact us if you’d like to explore this.



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