A fearless team of indoor cyclists take on over 100km of slog for We Love MCR Charity’s Covid-19 Community Response Fund! 

We’ve had many amazing people fundraising for our Covid-19 Community Response Fund over lockdown, from the young sisters doing a bouncing marathon on their trampoline for us to the incredible guitarist playing gigs to his neighbours from his back garden. However, we think the team we’re about to introduce to you may be doing the most gruelling challenge we’ve ever been approached with! Watch the video below to get a taste…. 


Have a look at their fundraising page here to learn more and donate. We spoke to Charles, one of the cyclists, to find out a bit more about his determined team & why they chose to fundraise for us. 

Who are the members of the cycling team, and how do you know each other? 

There are three of us taking on the challenge. Myself, James Mullarkey and Gregory Mullarkey. James and I are work colleagues, and Gregory is James’ dad! 

Why choose cycling, and this route in particular? 

All three of us have indoor bike trainers (Turbo Trainers). After the announcement of Lockdown 2, we wanted to help out those who are struggling the most from the pandemic. Cycling indoors (and using the virtual cycling app Zwift) enables us to cover a lot of distance without having to leave our homes. We thought this tied in nicely with the instruction to ‘Stay at Home’ as much as possible during the lockdown. 

The standard route we will be cycling is 107km (66 miles) with 1,642m of elevation gain. However, blown away by the support we have received so far, we will be cycling beyond this to make it even more of a challenge. For every £10 raised over £1,000 we will be cycling an extra 1km between us. We might regret that decision… 

Why have you chosen to raise money for the We Love MCR Charity Covid-19 Community Response Fund? 

We understand how damaging the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have been to Manchester groups and charities. We know that the pain we will endure on this ride won’t compare to what many people this year have had to go through. We wanted our fundraising to make an instant impact and the We Love MCR Charity Covid-19 Community Response Fund will do exactly that. 

What does Manchester mean to you? 

I grew up in the East Midlands but moved to Manchester in 2014 to go to University and I haven’t looked back since. I love the city and everything it stands for. There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a very tough year, but I am sure that Manchester and its people will come back stronger than ever. 

We believe you’re going to be livestreaming the whole thing?! 

We thought it would be a fun idea to livestream the event and we hope people can take some time out of their day to tune in. We will start at 10am on Friday the 27th November, but we will still be cycling well into the afternoon / evening so feel free to drop in at any time. Donations will appear on the livestream as they come in. We will share a livestream link on the day of the event. 

Well we wish them nothing but the best of luck and good health, as we’re sure they’ll need it! 

We Love MCR Charity welcomes all individual and corporate fundraising efforts to support us support the people and communities of Manchester – email us at welovemcrcharity@manchester.gov.uk to explore opportunities. 


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