We Love Manchester Charity supports Michael* with the financial help needed to level the playing field in his passion.

Michael is a driven young man from North Manchester who completed a music production course at Manchester College during the pandemic. He’s now made it onto a further education course in the same subject, and we’ve awarded him with support from our Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund to make sure he gets the same opportunities as his peers.

Michael’s experienced tough circumstances over the last couple years. His employer going bust in 2019 has caused employment struggles since, adversely impacting both his mental health and also his education as money issues nearly caused him to leave his college course. This was compounded by his housing situation, as he began sofa-surfing in friends/siblings homes. It’s hard to overstate the emotional impacts of not having a home to call your own, a scenario where you’re only one step away from being on the streets. With Manchester itself is experiencing a homelessness crisis as it has been doing for the past decade, we are all aware of the impacts rough sleeping has on the sharp end.

Through the generosity of one of his mates lending him some basic equipment and a free software trial, Michael managed to complete his course – testament not just to his drive and self-belief, but also his clear talent in the subject despite not having the equipment at home that many of his coursemates did. His results got him a place on the newly introduced Creative Music Professions degree programme at UCEN, Manchester College’s further education facility, brilliant news! However as he is now in full time further education he no longer qualifies for Universal Credit, which he has been on since March. He is looking for part time employment, and hopes this will improve his living circumstances in the near future.

We’ve awarded Michael a grant of £2,000 to build a professional home studio to help with studies & enhance his skills as a producer and a composer. The equipment has been chosen to cater for a range of productions such as fim score composition, animation, podcasts, video creation software and gaming music. He has a noble aim of inspiring others online with his personal projects and teaching others key skills with video tutorials. He’s even told us that in the foreseeable future he’d like to open his own music centre to help others get into music and art as a profession or a hobby. That says so much about him as a person! Hear Michael tell us what this grant means to him:

I’m amazed at all the support and help that has been given. This is the start of something new for me, and will help towards creating my first home studio. My passion would be to eventually inspire others to find their place in music. I couldn’t be more grateful towards everyone involved in helping us fulfil our dreams”

We love Michael, and we wish him every success on both his course and in what he decides to put his creative skills to in the future – we’ll keep you updated on his journey as a Manchester Rising Star!

*We’ve anonymised Michael’s name at his request.


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