Back in April, at the height of national lockdownWe Love MCR Charity supported the North Manchester Youth Partnership as part of a package of large grants going to support Manchester’s young people during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The North Manchester Youth Partnership includes Active Communities NetworkMAD Theatre CompanyNurturing FoundationsWai-Yin SocietyNTCG Cheetham Hill and led by Manchester Youth Zone) to deliver targeted online work with vulnerable young people, recognising their need for additional support at this challenging time.   

The Partnership told us that the feedback from everyone involved has been fantastic. A total of 1,255 hours of support has been given to young people and families and a total of 56 young people engaged in the project

The We Love Manchester Charity funding gave MYZ the opportunity to offer one to one support, which was something that MYZ had never been able to offer to inclusion members before. They have told us that it will fundamentally change how they support some young people, stating: 

 “It‘s been some of the best inclusion work we’ve ever done 

Active Communities Network said: 

It’s been great to offer one to one support to young people, supporting their individual needs. One young person has had a broken leg – our one to ones have given him something to look forward to, and an opportunity to set personal challenges. 

Mad Theatre Company told us about one young person who has benefited greatly from the project.  She says that if she had not been involved with MaD and received the ‘We Love MCR’ additional support, she would have been sat at home suffering from acute anxiety and depression. This project gave individual support to vulnerable young people and families who are most in need. It responded to community emergency needs such organising food bank referrals, school transitions, and supporting emotional well-being. We feel privileged to say the groups our funding has gone to have made the experiences of some of our city’s vulnerable young people that much more bearable during this time of crisis and uncertainty. 

Through the one to one work it became apparent that young people with additional needs require intensive support during the pandemic. New ways of working have been highlighted across the Partnership in terms of the increase of this one to one support that should be readily available from now on. Key themes have emerged such as the growth in the workers relationship with the whole family. Some partners have previously only worked with young people, but throughout this project the development of family work has increased. This has allowed workers to understand the needs further and address them. 

We Love MCR are so proud to have supported this vital work and given the Partnership the opportunity to work in new ways with young people and their families, and we’ll be here to support Manchester’s next generation for as long as we can. 


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