Sometimes in life, it takes just one or two things happening completely out of your control to find yourself in a position where you’re struggling and need some support – it happens all the time. Stable families finding themselves in financial woes after a broken boiler, people unable to support themselves due to injury, these are just two common scenarios which people find themselves in. Nobody deserves to deal with the effects of things out of their control on their own, especially not our young people. 

Chloe* applied to our Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund due to having found herself in one of these unfortunate situations through no fault of her own. A bright teenager with ambitions of studying criminology and setting up her own business in the future, Chloe was well on her way to finishing her time at college with grades reflective of the work she’d put in. However, after sudden disruption in her family life and becoming a carer for one of her parents due to illness, she began to experience difficulties coping with her work as she used to. 

The last thing Chloe needed was for the laptop she used for work breaking, as her new home situation left them without the finances to fix or replace it. This left her forced to travel to the nearest library to continue her work, often coming home late which in the winter months can be frightening for a young woman on her own in the dark. Heavily restricted in what she could do using a non-personal computer and only when she could visit the library, her learning suffered. 

We believe that the financial barrier to her owning her own working laptop in order to achieve the success she was on track to see shouldn’t exist, and it won’t do while we can support her! We have purchased Chloe a laptop suitable for her needs, and a bag to carry it. We’re confident that the added independence and accessibility of having a personal computer will benefit her studies massively, and remove another stress in her life that she does not need to experience. 

In her own words: 

I can’t thank the Rising Star fund enough for this opportunity, this will be the first time I will have and own my own laptop, plus I will be able to catch up on all the work that I have been struggling to do without a laptop. I know that during the holidays I will get all my work up to date and moving forward I can continue to ensure all my course work is completed on time and to a high standard, so that I can pass my qualifications and then go onto University. I will cherish this opportunity as it means no more late nights at the library and being able to do my work at home and save it to work on whenever and wherever I can. I am now hopeful for my future – this is the start of new things to come.” 

Chloe is a young woman with a great future ahead of her – we’re proud to say we have supported her and we will keep you all updated on her journey! 

*name & details anonymised at their request 


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