We Love MCR Charity, just like our city, relies on the strength of its supporters.

Hannah is a travel blogger who got a chance to rediscover Manchester during lockdown and took a gorgeous picture of the new “We Love You Manchester” artwork outside the impressive The Ivy restaurant in Spinningfields. Obviously a message we whole-heartedly endorse! She decided to put prints of the picture up for sale on an Etsy page, as it’s a gorgeous addition to a home/office, and is donating £10 to us for each £15 purchase. We caught up with Hannah earlier:

Hi Hannah, first of all it’s a fantastic picture! What inspired you to take it on that day in town?

Thank you so much! I actually took the picture on the last day before lockdown restrictions started to ease. Town was deserted, the sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky so I thought I’ll probably never get this opportunity again! I find The Ivy building really interesting and the sign at the front just captures everything we’re about in Manchester. I think the picture is a bit of a symbol of everything we were missing during lockdown.

Hannah’s photograph (with watermark).

We really appreciate you giving proceeds of the pictures sales to We Love MCR Charity in our aims to support Manchester’s young people and communities, what influenced your decision?

I decided to sell the picture to mark the fourth anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack. Like so many, I remember this day so clearly and how everyone came together to help and support each other. I also remembered the We Love MCR Emergency Fund [who We Love MCR Charity gave their branding to & suspended their own fundraising for a year] which raised over £20m for the victims and their families so I thought who better to give the proceeds to. I know you do so much amazing work in the community so for me, there is no better way for this money to be spent. 

You’ve told us that before lockdown you love travelling – where are you planning next when restrictions lift and where can we read more about your exploits?

I’m really lucky to have travelled to some amazing places before COVID hit, including New Zealand, Kenya, China and Vietnam. I’m hoping to explore more of the UK this year as there’s still so much I haven’t seen yet! I’m not sure where post-pandemic life will take me, but the dream is that it involves drinking rum on a beach somewhere in Antigua. Switzerland and Canada are also high on the bucket list. This past year has definitely made me appreciate that I can travel anywhere in the world but Manchester will always be my favourite place to come back to 🐝 You can follow me at @lostnfoundtravel on Instagram where I share pictures from my travels and lots of local inspiration too for anyone looking to explore Manchester.


We’re grateful for Hannah’s support, and all funds raised will go directly to supporting Manchester communities through our Stronger Communities Fund.

Hannah on her travels!


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