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Apply for funding

 Ambitious young people and local communities 

 can apply for funding to make our city even better

 We love Manchester. 

Manchester's Rising
Stars Fund

Our unique new Fund gives young Mancunians a helping hand to take opportunities which would otherwise be out of their reach. With 40% of young people growing up in households classified as "in poverty" in Manchester, far too many ambitions are snuffed out before young people even get to start to fulfil them.

For people who have identified their next steps to success in work, qualifications or entrepreneurship, we can provide vital funds to support these ambitions!

If you're a young, ambitious Mancunian who needs some help, or you work with young people and want to guide them to future success, click here to discover how our Rising Stars Fund could help...

Stronger Communities Fund

Manchester's strength lies in its strong, diverse communities. We're immensely proud to support hundreds of community groups, charities and social enterprises to deliver great work across our city. Work which unites, supports and protects local people. We've done so for years, and we're not stopping now...

We're always looking for new causes and groups to support in projects that fit the themes of our Stronger Communities Fund. Please check through our application process and qualifying guidelines on the following page, and if your cause fits, get applying!

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