We Love MCR Stronger Communities Fund is calling on community groups and individuals in Manchester to apply for funding of up to £5,000 for initiatives that will bring their communities together.

The Charity wants to celebrate Manchester’s uniqueness, multicultural neighbourhoods and youthful energy. Manchester is a diverse city and we recognise the importance of building strong relationships across our diverse communities. The city has a long history of people working together in cooperation, and we believe the need to pull together is even more vital as our city continues to change and grow.

The Stronger Communities Fund is our longest standing fund, with over 10 years of applications and tons of great work funded in our communities! In 2021 we’re renewing our commitment to this essential part of our work for Manchester, with a fresh relaunch and increases to both maximum funding and how often groups can apply.

We are looking to support projects which have one or more of the following themes:

  1. HELPING IN THE EARLY YEARS – supporting children 0-4 years old, and their parents, to make the best start possible in terms of learning, health and/or nutrition
  2. COMBATING LONELINESS AND SOCIAL EXCLUSION – supporting groups of people who are at risk of exclusion from community life. For example as a result of advanced age or disability
  3. PROTECTING AND IMPROVING OUR OPEN SPACES – delivering work which ensures public spaces are maintained and improved for the benefit of local people, or expanding access to open spaces for all members of the community
  4. OFFERING POSITIVE YOUTH ACTIVITIES – providing sustainable, structured programmes/activities to help communities of young people to live safely and successfully


To apply you must be supporting or working with communities within the City of Manchester. Applications from projects based in the wider Greater Manchester area will not be considered.

Applications from individuals will be considered but you must have a sponsor organisation, who will endorse your application and act as a guarantor.

Applying for funding is really straight forward. If you are looking for guidance in completing the form, download the Stronger Communites Fund Guidance, or email us at welovemcrcharity@manchester.gov.uk

When you are ready to apply please fill in the Stronger Communities Fund Application Form and return your completed form via email to the address below . Please complete each section of the application form, provide requested supporting evidence and give written quotes for all costs.

Please note the deadlines for applications for 2020/21, which are in the table below.

Read the Terms and Conditions.

Stronger Communities Fund Deadline Dates 2021

Deadline date  Board / Committee meeting 
5th Feb  18th Feb (Thursday) 10:30 
5th March  23rd March (Tues) 2:30 
2nd April   April 20th Board 
23rd April   12th May (Wed) 10:30 
28th May   16th June (Wed) 2:30 
25th June   July Board 13TH 
6th August   24th August (Tues) 2:30 
3rd Sept   22nd September (Wed) 10:30 
24th Sept   Oct Board 12TH 
5th November   25th November (Thursday) 2:30 
26th November   14th Dec (Tuesday PM) 10:30