We are happy to endorse these local businesses, who are licensed to use the official “Manchester Bee” image on selected products, or who use the iconic “Heart” graphic to fundraise for us.

They are all Partners, and donate a proportion of sales on selected items to our Charity funds (see individual items for details)

Partner Merchandise: R A Smart

Mask-wearing to reduce the transmission of airborne particles has become a part of everyday life in times such as these, when the safety of ourselves and those around us is more important than ever. And with adversity comes creativity, as we’ve seen all sorts of inspired mask designs over the course of 2020.

R A Smart are no different, as their Macclesfield based skilled printing, weaving and textile services have come up with a brilliant Manchester Bee-adorned mask design which donates £1 to We Love MCR with every mask sold! Buy their Bee masks here.

As seen here modelled by Lord Mayor Cllr Tommy Judge on the day of his investiture 28th October 2020!

Partner Merchandise: Made In Manc – #ColourInMCR Colouring Book

Shiraz Anwar, proud Mancunian and talented photographer, has created a colouring book packed with Manchester landmarks to be coloured in that are directly from photos he took himself!

With every sale of his £10 book, he chose to give 50% to us, for the work we’re doing in the city that he loves just as much as we do. Click here to purchase his book.

TeleData, a data company based in Wythenshawe, purchased 100 copies of his book in September to donate them to local school Manchester Health Academy. MHA have a high proportion of students classified as SEND or disadvantaged (60%). They do a lot of work around personal development of students and so TeleData thought could they could make good use of the colouring books. This led to Shiraz making a £500 donation from the sale of these books to us – massive love shown all round!

Partner Merchandise: Manchester Libraries

The wonderful Manchester Libraries team have created a range of products featuring the iconic Manchester Bee. You can buy these in Central Library as well as online, and 15% of profits are generously donated to We Love MCR! Check the range of products out here.

A selection of products are pictured here, but new additions are added to their webpage all the time.

Partner Merchandise: Ollie & Fred

Our friends at Ollie & Fred have created a fantastic scarf based on the Manchester Bee mosaics in Manchester Town Hall. And – 20% of profits are generously donated to We Love MCR! Check the offer out here.

As seen here modelled by Sky Sports presenter Bianca Westwood!


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