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Manchester Memorial Fund

A Glade of Light - A Living Memorial

It has long been an ambition of our City to create a fitting and lasting memorial for the 22nd May 2017 Manchester Arena attack. Following a meticulous process, designers for the project have now been appointed. The families of the 22 people killed in the attack were consulted, and their views contributed to the decision.


The Glade of Light – a living memorial concept – is the design that has been selected. It will feature a grove of native trees, illuminated at night with a multitude of tiny lights described as being like ‘a field of stars’. Within the tranquil garden-like space will be other plantings, plus 22 memory pools with the names of those killed in the attack. There will also be personalised messages from their friends and families.


The Memorial will honour those who died, and recognise all those who were affected by the attack. The aim is to create a place of contemplation, where people can pay their respects, celebrate the lives of those who were killed, and reflect on memories of friends and loved ones.


Manchester Memorial Advisory Group, an independent body made up of civic and business leaders, is leading on the development of the memorial. Following conversations and consultation with bereaved families, a location within the city centre has now also been selected.


The site of the memorial will be between Manchester Cathedral and Chetham’s School of Music, at the foot of Fennel Street within the city’s Medieval Quarter. It is bounded by the River Irwell and the Cathedral, and is a light and open space.

We’ll never forget the terrible events of that day, and the memorial will be a permanent symbol of remembrance, a tribute to those killed that night, and a place to unite in solidarity and reflection.

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