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Manchester Young Lives

Manchester Young Lives has worked with children and young people in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Manchester for over 50 years.

Manchester Young Lives (MYL) is a long-established partner of WLMC and we are proud to have supported them for a number of years via the Sir Howard Bernstein Endowment Fund.  MYL offers support to young people with additional needs to develop skills which enable them to access employment.  MYL also supports young people to complete placements in their chosen fields, offering them real-life experience in the world of work.

The funding from WLMC also provides MYL the flexibility to purchase items needed for young people to get into work. They have been able to support for example the purchase of travel cards, formal shoes and clothes for interviews and birth certificates to facilitate the opening of bank accounts. 

Despite the severe challenges posed by COVID-19, MYL are still able to positively engage with young people on their employability course, and are supporting them to progress positively following the course onto full time employment, college or university. 


See below for some great examples of the support offered by MYL, proudly supported by WLMC! 

Success Stories

Daniel - MYL_edited.jpg


Daniel was referred to Manchester Young Lives via Career Connect as he was NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). Daniel lives with his Dad, as his parents have separated, and he has struggled with this. Daniel is also a part time carer for his Grandma who lives in North Wales, so he travels there on a weekly basis to provide her with the care and support she needs.

Although Daniel did well in Education obtaining his required GCSES, he states that he did struggle in an education environment as he found it very demanding. Daniel lacked confidence and his time-keeping was poor, but he is a very pleasant and polite young man.

With partial lockdown eased, MYL have resumed Daniel’s placement opportunity at the Engage Hub. Daniel was able to work remotely from home and was supported with his learning using an online facility with his mentor.

Though it was a little strange at first to adapt to this new way of working and learning, Daniel worked well and developed the key skills needed for a career in I.T. Daniel had been working on a client’s accounts to produce their February Campaign, this involved image sourcing, caption writing and content scheduling.


He received fantastic feedback, here's from one of his mentors at Engage Hub:

“….We had some wonderful feedback on some campaign work that Daniel produced for one of our clients this morning. We’ve had this client for over five years and we’re all very impressed with the work produced….

Subsequently, Daniel was provided with further opportunities to expand his skills and knowledge with additional social media tasks which has allowed him to progress from strength to strength.

Nearing the end of his placement the Work Placement officer enquired about an opportunity for employment for Daniel within the host organisation, and they reported that they were working alongside a mentor from the Kick Start Scheme to support him into employment.

Daniel said:

“I would like to say how nice it was being a part of Manchester Young Lives. I thank you and the team for all the hard work - getting where I am now would not have been possible without it. MYL has been super influential in the growth of my career and of me as a person. Before coming to MYL I was struggling to find the right opportunity to start my professional life. MYL’s expertise found the perfect fit for me that I wouldn’t have reached anywhere else. It has been a great privilege to work with you, thank you all so much.”


Guy was referred to Manchester Young Lives via Career Connect as a result of not being able to sustain Further Education due to experiencing difficulties socially in addition to demonstrating poor mental health.

Guy has Asperger’s Syndrome and at school he had a care plan to support him with difficulties in social interaction. Manchester young lives worked intensely with Guy to identify a realistic work experience to pave his future career path. It was imperative that it was the right environment for Guy where adequate care and support would be available.

Acorn Veterinary Surgery initially refused the placement but after perseverance and further networking they agreed a trial period. Guy secured himself not only a training opportunity but a part time job after three weeks!

Guy said:


“It was a challenge; very different. If you compare it with playing online games, they are always structured, you achieve one thing and you know something else will follow, like the next level. But here, it’s unpredictable; several things can happen all at once. You need to adapt, make decisions quickly. It took a bit of getting used to.”

Guy is now studying a Level 3 Animal Care course and has plans to go to University!

success (1).png


Success was one of the first students to take part in the Manchester Young Lives Employability Programme. Success was 19 year old, had not done too well in school, had little experience in a work environment and recently had become a young father. Success wanted to turn his life around to be able to gain employment to help him to provide for his new family.

Manchester Young Lives helped Success complete his Maths level one, helped him develop his communication skills, team building skills and helped build his confidence.  They even bought him some smart shoes for his placement!

Manchester Young lives supported Success to secure an eight week placement at McDonalds which was his top placement choice.  Success received excellent feedback and following the eight weeks he was officially offered a full time position which he accepted!


Phidel was referred to Manchester Young Lives in need of intensive support after his college place had broken down. Phidel worked on his Functional skills in Maths Level 1 and English Entry Level 3, and a Certificate in Personal Effectiveness (COPE).

Within 4 months of attending sessions and some additional 1-2-1 sessions, Phidel successfully achieved his Functional skills in English and Maths and his COPE. Phidel wanted to work in hospitality, he began on a one day volunteering placement at a local food bank with the ‘Bread and Butter’ Company. Phidel was shy at first but as time went on, he worked well as part of the team and his confidence and self–esteem improved.

Phidel has recently been successful in a 2 week placement at Asda in Hulme and has now been offered a part time contract in a role made especially for him. Well done Phidel!

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