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April 2024 grants - We Love MCR Charity

Throughout the year, our Trustees award grants from our two core funds. The 'Stronger Communities Fund' (SCF), where we provide funding to groups making positive differences in their communities, and the 'Manchester's Rising Stars Fund' (MRSF) where we award grants supporting ambitious young Mancunians from disadvantage in their next steps to success.

April 2024 was a huge month, where we awarded 8 SCF and 6 MRSF grants which came to a total of £31,000+! Here is the full list of the fantastic local projects and young people we supported, and we look forward to sharing further details about them with you as the projects and Rising Stars' ambitions develop.

Stronger Communities Fund

  • Twinkleboost

About: Twinkleboost empowers new parents from lower socio-economic backgrounds with communication strategies to support their children's development. They deliver support through fun, multi-sensory parent and baby classes led by Speech and Language Therapists and Assistants.

Project: Twinkleboost want to deliver 12 months of parent and baby classes, offered to families in the highest need and often referred by local professionals.

Award: £3,626 - going to costs for a speech and language assistant, therapist, monitoring, evaluation, and equipment.

Location: SureStart centres in Wythenshawe

  • Lips Inked Arts CIC

About: They are a community arts organisation that provides inspiring opportunities to underserved neighbourhoods across Manchester, empowering and supporting communities experiencing social deprivation through creativity.

Project: They applied for funds to continue their 'Musical Minds' project that we supported in 2022/23, which worked with over 100 young people in underprivileged areas aged 8-14 to access music.

Award: £3,955 - for costs including artists, outreach, venue hire, project management, and storage.

Location: Levenshulme, with young people also from Longsight and Gorton.

Lips Inked Arts CIC would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the We Love MCR Charity for once again supporting us to run our Musical Minds project for 8-14-year-olds in Levenshulme. The Stronger Communities Fund has quite simply enabled this work to take place, and for local young people to come together in a safe space, get creative, and learn new skills that equip them for life. Thank you!!

  • Ardwick Climate Action Group

About: A group supporting their community through green projects, aiming to break down social isolation, promote community engagement, and address social issues through environmental projects.

Project: To improve an allotment site near the university, engaging local residents and international students in the area.

Award: £3,050 - for soil, seeds, materials, a trackway for wheelchair access, storage for tools, and water butts.

Location: St. Peter's Allotments on the Brunswick Estate, Ardwick.

We thank We Love MCR for this grant and believe that this will enable our local communities to come together, learn about growing food and how we can support each other in doing so. We know that working outside on green projects will enable better health in all its forms for the participants.

  • The Beacon Centre

About: A community hub offering numerous activities and services for the Clayton community, including a lunch club, exercise classes, a community grocer, advice sessions, emergency food/nappies, cooking classes, and men's groups.

Project: To sustain their diverse offer, particularly the Seated Exercise and Boxing sessions, Strictly Beacon Ballroom and Latin American dance classes, and their Luncheon Club.

Award: £2,968 - all costs for the above.

Location: Barrington Street, Clayton

  • Mustafia Sharif

About: An organisation promoting inclusivity and improving the lives of local residents, aiming to combat social isolation through various activities, including health and well-being projects, women's empowerment courses, counseling services, fitness, and education services.

Project: To begin a women's weekly gathering project, targeting socially isolated women and offering a space to connect and access wider services.

Award: £3,500 - for Coordinator and admin costs, volunteer expenses, promotion, and equipment.

Location: The British Muslim Heritage Centre, Whalley Range

The funding will allow us to provide impactful sessions for the women in Whalley Range, fostering a sense of connection and empowerment. These sessions will help improve the well-being and quality of life for many individuals in our community.

  • College of the Third Age

About: A registered charity for over 30 years, providing activities for retired and semi-retired people over 50. They offer opportunities to try new things while promoting active aging, social engagement and lifelong learning, keeping loneliness and isolation at bay.

Project: To deliver a new arts and crafts session led by a local artist, as well as supporting the organisation's sustainability with a new computer and first aid kit.

Award: £1,093 - session costs, a banner, a computer for the office, a first aid kit, and stationery for the group.

Location: Crumpsall Community Hall, Cleveland Road, Crumpsall.

  • North Manchester Community Partnership (NMCP)

About: NMCP are a partnership between seven community organisations in North Manchester, working to empower and provide opportunities for those in impoverished and deprived areas, offering services such as work club sessions, benefits advice, volunteering opportunities, arts and crafts, befriending, and gardening.

Project: To deliver their 3rd annnual Africa Day event, bringing together African communities in North Manchester to promote and celebrate the diversity of North Manchester, with a focus on community-led involvement in the planning and execution.

Award: £3,800 - for Community activities, food and catering, video and evaluation, a DJ, ice cream van, and venue and license costs.

Location: Saturday 8th June, 12-4pm, Simpson Memorial Hall on Moston Lane.

We are again exceptionally pleased to express our heartfelt appreciation to We Love Manchester not only for their generous funding of our cultural project, but to express our gratitude enough for their support, which has allowed us to continue our work towards creating an inclusive and diverse community.

  • Collyhurst Community Enterprise

About: A resident-led organisation developing community growing and garden spaces in Collyhurst, aiming to improve nature, increase environmental awareness, reduce littering, and enhance the health and well-being of residents through participation in local projects.

Project: To develop more community growing spaces in the area, building on the success of the first phase, which included a polytunnel, raised beds, and a core group of 10 volunteer residents.

Award: £3,450 - for equipment, including water butts, wood, and plants.

Location: Across Collyhurst.

The grant will be used to improve 3 areas in the Collyhurst including flower planting at the Irk Valley and Sandhills and Collyhurst Community Growing Space at South Church parade and another community area to be decided with local residents and partners.
We want to create greener spaces that residents and wildlife will enjoy and work with residents and organisations to clean up some of the open spaces that are used as dumping grounds and for fly tipping.

Manchester's Rising Stars Fund

  • Summayah, 18, Moss Side

Ambition: To become a teacher, helping students to realise their full potential and making a long-lasting difference on their lives and the wider community. She aims to study education with a PGCE at Salford University.

Award: £1,135 - for a standard laptop and insurance. Being from a large family relying on universal credit, Summayah does not have the financial means to acquire her own device, currently borrowing one from college.

Summayah's determination to pursue a career in education, despite facing challenges, exemplifies her commitment to making a positive impact on young people's lives. Our assistance will provide her with the tools necessary to continue her studies.

"I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am to We Love MCR Charity for funding me with a laptop. With this award I will be able to complete all my coursework to the best of my abilities, which will help me pursue my dreams of being a teacher."

  • Baryal, 19, Openshaw

Ambition: To start his own business after improving his English skills, completing GCSEs, A-Levels, and attending Manchester University.

Award: £150 - for an HP Chromebook and insurance. As a young care leaver originally from Afghanistan with refugee status, Baryal does not have family support or funds to purchase a laptop to support his ESOL studies at The Manchester College.

Baryal's dedication to his education showcases his resilience despite facing significant challenges. With our assistance, he will have the necessary tools to continue developing his English proficiency and work towards his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Getting this laptop will help me to continue my studies and improve my English. Having a laptop is essential to do this. I want to be a car mechanic someday, but I want to work on my English first.

  • Moulid, 17, Harpurhey

Ambition: To become a lawyer specialising in Real Estate law by attending the University of Manchester.

Award: £1,135 - for a standard laptop and insurance. Being from a single-parent household and living in temporary accommodation, Moulid does not have the financial means to acquire a device for his studies.

Moulid's hard work and aspirations to pursue a legal career demonstrate his commitment to success. Our support will provide him with the essential resources to continue excelling academically.

"This opportunity is once in a lifetime and will certainly aid my success in the educational field as I will not be held back financially. I can now afford and chase my ambitions thank you for this."

  • Calvin, 19, Northenden

Ambition: To study computer science, having secured a place at Gloucestershire University, and become a data analyst in the financial industry.

Award: £1,135 - for a standard laptop and insurance. Calvin requires a laptop to achieve his potential after not meeting university requirements last year due to lack of resources, being a carer for his mum meant he was unable to study effectively from home.

Calvin's resilience and dedication to his goals, combined with his work as a youth ambassador for a local charity, showcase his character and potential. With our assistance, he will now have the tools necessary to excel in his studies and pursue his career ambitions!

  • Darwin, 17, Levenshulme

Ambition: To study pharmacy at the University of Manchester, and ultimately open his own pharmacy.

Award: £1,135 - for a standard laptop and insurance. Being from a single-parent household relying on universal credit, Darwin does not have the financial means to acquire a device, currently studying at the library and using his phone.

Darwin's passion, exemplified by his volunteering efforts at a local pharmacy, showcases his dedication to his chosen field. Our support will provide him with the necessary resources to continue excelling academically.

"Thank you so much for this award, it will help me towards my ambitions in the future and will help me a lot more in my studies, making it so much easier to study and revise during college and university. It also saves me time from relying on library and college computers."

  • Mohammed, 19, Levenshulme

Ambition: To study Computer Science, ideally with a Master's degree, at a local university.

Award: £1,135 - for a standard laptop and insurance. Being from a large family relying on benefits with only his father working part-time, Mohammed does not have the financial means to acquire his own device, currently using the library for his studies.

Mohammed's dedication to his IT studies at The Manchester College and aspirations to pursue higher education showcase his academic ambitions. Our support will provide him with the necessary resources to continue excelling and achieve his goals.


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