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ReflecTeen's 'Nature Holiday Active Teens' project: Stronger Communities Fund

ReflecTeen are a youth organisation based in Moston, North Manchester, that offer support and activities for young people and their (largely BAME) families in the local community.

As an organisation, they deliver four main youth-focused services: physical and recreational activities, structured youth engagement programmes, practical support, and mentoring. They focus on building positive relationships, personal development, tailored interventions and addressing the needs arising from the experience of multiple disadvantages.

Pictures of young people and mentors in an after-school session
ReflecTeen's after-school Youth Hub in action!

Why are we funding them?

ReflecTeen believe the impact of the pandemic means that local young people have become more inactive which, tied in with the increase in poverty and violence in the city, means our young people are more at risk of exploitation and gang involvement.

They approached us to support their Nature Holiday Active Teens project, where they offer a positive and exciting activity programme to young people from low-income families during the school holidays. The 12 weeks project was to run for 6 hours a week May - August 2021. They tell us this project will give an opportunity to re-engage young people back to exploring community and natural spaces following a year lock lockdown restriction.

The programme included tons of nature-based outdoor activities like hiking, visits to Ingleborough Falls in the Yorkshire Dales, physical activities and games, nature walks and talks, and group mentoring sessions – what an incredible programme!

We funded the project with an award of £5,000 which went to costs for a multi-sports coach, mentors, transport costs, and resources like tents.

Alice Solomon, Founder & Director of Operations of Reflecteen said on receiving the award:

“We would like to say a massive thank you to We Love Manchester Charity for this grant that will enable us to extend our services to provide holiday enrichment activities for young people this summer."

How is the project going?

ReflecTeen’s aims at the end of the project were for the participants to have:

  • increased positive social inclusion, connect people with nature and fitness

  • Increased physical and mental wellbeing

  • increased motivation to stay active

  • greater self-esteem and confidence to say ‘no’ to negative influences in their lives

  • gained positive role models and a peer support network

We received some beautiful pictures from their trips, we have no doubt that the young people involved had an amazing time full of positivity and great experiences! Look at the pictures below. They've updated the timings of the project and will now be finishing in October, so expect more updates soon.

We’re delighted to have supported ReflecTeen with this grant, which really supports the ‘Offering Positive Youth Activities’ and ‘Combatting Loneliness and Social Exclusion’ key themes from our Stronger Communities Fund. We hope that these young people keep the positive experiences they’ve gained through this project with them into their bright futures!


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