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Artistic entrepreneur Sabah is a rising star!

Sabah has held ambitions of achieving success from a very young age, but finding the path to achieve this has taken some time.

Despite having a clear creative talent, this young Mancunian instead took a more conventional academic path by enrolling onto a business degree at Manchester University – which she now has a Masters in! During that time studying business, Sabah realised there was a route to fulfil both her commercial ambitions and her love for art.

Sabah in the process of creating one of her stunning designs
Sabah in the process of creating one of her stunning designs!

Sabah has developed her art and design skills for years, even selling some of her work privately. But between her degree studies and part-time retail work to support her single Mum, Sabah had neither the time nor resources to develop her art commercially. However, her Masters course in Entrepreneurship led her to enter (and win!) a national competition, which finally gave her a vision of her future potential career in bespoke art & illustration.

She now had the vision, but Sabah still faced the same barriers to progress in her personal circumstances. Sabah approached us with an incredibly detailed 18-month business plan, including a breakdown of items and materials she needed to realise her ambition of creating her own business.

We awarded her £1,200 from the Manchester's Rising Stars Fund to purchase a camera, design software, printer, glue gun & various other experimental artistic materials.

Sabah said to us:

“I'd like to thank We Love MCR Charity not only for providing me with the funds for vital resources to build my small business, but also for fuelling my passion and love for the arts. Your grant enables me to explore various creative avenues. To begin to plan and build what once was a childhood ambition truly is a blessing. My thanks go to the Trustees of your wonderful charity, for granting me this opportunity for success.”

We look forward to watching Sabah's progress on the path she's carving out for herself - she is definitely a Rising Star!

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