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Roberto is a Manchester Rising Star!

Roberto is a determined young Mancunian with a passion for music and performing. He applied for a grant to cover the costs of equipment which will help him with his business studies at college and allow him to produce his own music.

Through Moss Side based KYSO, a youth project focussing on music and performing arts, Roberto has been accessing mentoring via Zoom with musicians to guide him towards his goal of becoming Manchester’s next big artist. Music makes Roberto happy – he has already performed at Manchester Carnival 2019, a massive event in Manchester’s Afro-Caribbean cultural calendar, and Manchester Day Parade 2019 and struggled over lockdown with the lack of live music and opportunities to create.

However, we were delighted to award Roberto with the equipment he needed to be able to create new music without needing studio access – something his financial situation has prevented him from doing so far. Not only this, but his business studies will give him the tools and knowledge to achieve his ambition of starting his own enterprise within the music industry. Despite the barriers he has faced so far, Roberto hopes that eventually he will be able to help support his family financially through his music, especially while there are caring responsibilities shared throughout his household.

In his own words:

“I want to thank Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund for pulling through with this laptop, it is really a big help for me. When I get into college I will need a device for my homework as we only have one computer for my sister, this has really helped me! Thank you so much for your help, thank you for this opportunity presented and given. This is something I’ll never forget.”

At just 16 years old, Roberto volunteers at KYSO and will continue to do so and pass on the skills he learns using the equipment we have funded to other young talented Mancunians. What makes communities special is the wealth of knowledge and experience that are passed down to younger generations – that Roberto understands that even at his young age is something quite remarkable. Definitely a Rising Star!


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