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Rosie Williams joins We Love MCR as Ambassador

We're delighted to introduce Rosie as our first ever celebrity Ambassador!

Love Island 2018 contestant Rosie Williams is an ambitious, talented, successful young businesswoman, TV personality and influencer who first made her name in Manchester as a young lawyer and has achieved so much since. Rosie adopted Greater Manchester as her home city, and wants to support Manchester’s communities and young people to achieve success - and what better way to do it than to become an Ambassador for the work we do at We Love MCR!

Rosie is committing to promote We Love MCR and to raise funds for us, with her first action as Ambassador being participating in our Firewalk on 13th October in St Peter’s Square. Her friends and supporters will see her walk barefoot over a bed of 500-degrees hot coals along with 50 other brave 'soles'...

Rosie will be promoting our work through her huge social media following (check her Instagram here), and people can sponsor Rosie to “brave the coals” by clicking on her fundraising page here.

People over 16 can click the following link to sign themselves up to join Rosie on the sponsored firewalk and brave the coals with her! We Love MCR Sponsored Firewalk

Rosie said:

“I’m so proud to become an Ambassador for the wonderful We Love MCR Charity.
Manchester is where I’ve forged my career. I arrived to start a legal training contract and succeeded in becoming a practicing solicitor in the heart of the city. There are so many wonderful opportunities here across all many career paths, but unfortunately, not all young Mancunians have the resources they need to achieve their ambitions. I know how lucky I was to have the financial support of my family through my years in education.
This is why I love We Love MCR Charity. One of their main focuses is their Rising Stars Fund and this is where I hope to be most involved. The Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund supports ambitious young people with financial challenges to overcome that barrier, so they can take their next steps to success, whatever their background.”

The Head of We Love MCR, Ged Carter, welcomed Rosie, saying:

“I thank Rosie for generously offering her time to our charity. She is respected by countless young people for having developed not one but two successful careers before reaching the age of 30. With Rosie highlighting our work, we will reach many more people who may want to support us, or may want to apply for funding from us. Welcome aboard, Rosie!”


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