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Equal Education Chances: Stronger Communities Fund

Equal Education Chances have received £1,950 of grant funding from our Stronger Communities Fund for support of children in North Manchester with disabilities and Special Educational Needs.

Equal Education Chances (EEC) offers empowerment skills to young individuals with disabilities/SEN, engaging families and carers of disabled children/young people to learn and develop transferable skills, such as social, emotional and work skills. Their vision is to support families and individuals to develop these skills from early years into adulthood by offering weekly sessions at Blackley fire station. The sessions focus on education, wellbeing, recreation and advocacy and enable families and individuals to tackle isolation, denial, discrimination whilst also advocating and signposting to other agencies.

EEC came to us asking for funding to help them produce a fun and educational arts/crafts activity booklet for over 100 young people that they engage with in North Manchester. They called this the “YES We Can Project”, aiming to provide children, especially those in poverty, with hard copy activities to help them to become resilient by identifying and tackling their stress during lockdown. This idea is backed by a myriad of research which suggests that regularly partaking in creative activities is essential to the emotional wellbeing of young people.

We LOVE Equal Education Chances, and the tireless work they do for their communities! Find out more about them on their website: on their Facebook: Equal Education Chances and their Instagram:


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