Following a small pilot in 2019 supporting 13 young Mancunians with over £10,000 towards more sustainable and prosperous futures, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund.

The fund aims to give young Mancunians a helping hand to take opportunities that may otherwise be out of their reach. Limited finances can be a barrier to many young people, and we recognise that a little financial support at the right time can make a big difference when starting out on a career, self-employment or learning path. 


We welcome requests for grants to purchase equipment, to fund training and accreditations, and to support other costs relating to moving into employment, education or training.

Our first MRSF Ambassador: Maria

Maria is a very bright young Mancunian, battling through huge obstacles to fulfil her ambition… Click here to read her story.



  • Provide grants to individual young Mancuninans, from £200 to £2,000
  • Make Manchester a fairer and more prosperous place to live, work and study for all our young people
  • Support young people whose financial or family circumstances put them at a disadvantage as they start their journey into adult life
  • Support applications which can make a long-term, sustainable difference to individuals’ future prospects

Our Basic Criteria:


  • Be aged 16-24
    • OR be aged up to 30 if you have personal experience of homelessness
  • Live in the City of Manchester
  • Be in employment (including self-employment), education or training 
    • OR Have an offer of employment, education or training
    • OR Have a clear goal and plan to move into an opportunity of employment, education or training
  • Demonstrate how your family or financial position puts you at a disadvantage

To apply, you should complete our simple application form which also needs the recommendation of a referee who can support your application. (This could be eg a social worker, tutor, Leaving Care Worker, counsellor, family support worker etc).


Before applying, please read the Guidance Form here to ensure you qualify.


To apply please find the Manchester’s Rising Stars Application Form here. 


If you need more information, please email and we’ll get back to you quickly.


Good luck!

Manchester’s Rising Stars Grant Deadline Dates 2020

Completed Application deadline

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3rd March

20th March

20th March

7th April

24th April

12th May

29th May

16th June

19th June

7th July

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