Leeland was referred to the We Love Manchester summer school programme after leaving school. Although he knew he wanted to follow a technical and vocational pathway in Engineering, he had very limited knowledge of the career paths available, no connections to the industry or relevant work experience. Leeland did not have plans for the summer period, but was keen to use his time constructively and develop new skills. Leeland was a quiet young man who wanted to make some new friends ready for starting college.

Leeland joined the programme and was initially supported by his Mum to attend and engage. Over time he grew in confidence as he made some new friends, travelled to new places independently and accessed new activities. Half way through the summer school, Leeland joined the National Citizen Service programme, which included a residential to the Lake District, a community social action project and a public speaking task – a real achievement from

Leeland has since enrolled at college and is progressing well on his Engineering course and GCSE Maths resit. In October 2018, Leeland completed a week long placement at the Our Town Hall Renovation Project working with several large Construction and Design, Engineering Firms to learn about professions and opportunities in these sectors.

Leeland continued to work with We Love Manchester and the Aspirational Mentoring project. He was matched to a professional mentor at One Manchester to develop his career in Engineering.

“Leeland and I have been working together for the last couple of months, starting to get to know each other. Leeland is a fantastic young person who is currently studying  Engineering at the Manchester College. He has met some members of staff from One Manchester who have commended on how well Leeland comes across. He intends to learn even more about the world of work so we’ll continue to meet at my workplace, introducing Leeland to the many departments that One Manchester has.”

Duncan Hempson, Mentor

We Love Manchester have provided Leeland with a bursary to pay for his provisional driving license, learning to drive will help Leeland apply for a broader variety of apprenticeship roles once his college course has finished later this year.

During the 2019 Easter break, Leeland was given some tickets to attend the Easter Funfair at Manchester Central Convention Centre with his family as a reward for his continued enthusiasm and motivation!