Sir Howard’s vision was to make a significant impact upon social mobility for young Mancunians and ensure equality of opportunity for all. By providing aspirational experiences in professional and entrepreneurial environments, the charity aims to support the city’s young people to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to thrive and succeed.

In partnership with Manchester Young Lives, the Sir Howard Bernstein Fund supports their study programme by providing bursaries of £100/p week for young people accessing a structured work placement for a maximum of 8 weeks. By providing valuable hands on work experience, the young people move closer to apprenticeships and jobs. In addition, to financial support, the participants benefit from the professional support of Manchester Young Lives staff.


Success Story: Phidel

Phidel was referred to Manchester Young Lives in need of intensive support after his college place had broken down. Phidel worked on his Functional skills in Maths Level 1 and English Entry Level 3, and a Certificate in Personal Effectiveness (COPE). Within 4 months of attending sessions and some additional 1-2-1 sessions, Phidel successfully achieved…


All projects will work towards the following outcomes for young people:

  1. Personal Effectiveness: confidence and resilience, self belief and a positive attitude
  2. Career Readiness: increased occupational awareness, motivation and aspiration
  3. Social Capital: experience of professional/corporate environments, expansion of personal networks and access to role models
  4. Employability skills:  the opportunity to build recruitment skills (experience of interviews, CVs, applications) and key employment competencies ( i.e. listening, presenting, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork)
  5. Entrepreneurial spirit: creativity and business acumen.

We Love Manchester Summer School 2019

We Love Manchester proudly supports young Mancunians. They are our rising stars and future leaders, and some may need a helping hand along the way. We work with young people through our key projects including Summer School, funded work experience placements, funds and platforms for young entrepreneurs, and personal mentoring opportunities. All projects help to…

Manchester Youth Market

Manchester Youth Market is a joint initiative between Manchester City Council and We Love MCR Charity. The project supports young entrepreneurs by providing up to £500 in grant support to their business and provides pop up trading opportunities around Manchester. Business start up advice is also provided by People Plus giving the traders the advice, support and network they need to succeed.


Success Story: Libby McIntyre

Libby McIntyre was only 12 when she traded at the Manchester Youth Market Celebration event on the 23rd June 2018, selling her homemade wish bracelets. Manchester Youth Market and Manchester Markets were so impressed with Libby’s stall, including the packaging, sales pitch and overall professionalism on the day, that a Rising Star Award was created…

Short Break in Primrose Valley, Yorkshire

Short breaks

Since 2012 We Love MCR have been proving much need short breaks and holidays for families across Manchester. We have a prod history of sending families on a break from the very day routine. Holiday destinations have included Blackpool, Southport, Wales, Morecambe and Yorkshire to name a few. We work in partnership with the Early Help Hub who have close relationships with the families in the city most in need of time away from the pressures and strains of everyday life.

Early help practitioner says:
“A lot of the families we work with experience poverty and a range of other issues and frequently do not have holidays for years. By providing a holiday, the families benefit greatly because they have a break away from their usual routines and lifestyles and experience new things which often lift them mentally and emotionally.

In summer 2018, a family visited Primrose Valley in Yorkshire.

“The family all enjoyed the holiday and took part in a lot of activities provided by the camp. The whole holiday experience, including the travel, served to bring the individual members closer together. This has contributed to the boys being more motivated at home and at school.”

The family said “ We had a great holiday. The best bits were the woodland walk and the weather! We also enjoyed the swimming pool every day. We would like to go again for 2 weeks next time!”

Quotes from families

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