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 Who we are 

 We are Manchester's charity. 

 We give heart, hope and opportunity to the 

 people of Manchester, when they need it most. 

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About Us

Manchester has a proud history of solidarity and standing up for those who need help. We know the power of community and that, as Mancunians, we have far more in common than that which divides us. From Peterloo to the Pankhursts, our city gives a voice to the voiceless - and the Manchester of today is no exception.

We Love MCR works with some of our most vulnerable people and most ambitious communities to help them write Manchester’s next chapter.

We know too well the problems that face us. Within our bright, international city, one in three of our children live in poverty, and one in 10 have no qualifications. Tragically, there are also those who seek to sow division within our communities. We aim to address these challenges – by spreading opportunities and helping communities to build themselves up through direct support.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester

We are honoured to have the sitting Lord Mayor of Manchester as our Chair of Trustees. This has been a defining feature of We Love MCR's governance since the very beginning of our history, when we were known as The Lord Mayor's Charity.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester has been a ceremonial role since 1892, proudly representing the people of Manchester and supporting our Charity. The Lord Mayor’s term lasts for one year, and a new Lord Mayor is elected in a full Council meeting each May.

The 126th Lord Mayor of Manchester is Paul Andrews, elected Councillor for Baguley, who assumed the role in May 2024. Click below to learn more about our current Chair of Trustees!

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Our Trustees


We're delighted to be helped by prominent supporters, who give their time and expertise to help us to expand our network and grow our vital income.

The Team

Contact us


07815 550631



Write to us:

We Love MCR Charity
c/o Manchester City Council,
Town Hall Extension Level 1
M60 2LA

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