Manchester has a proud history of solidarity – of standing up for those who need help. From Peterloo to the Pankhursts, our city gives a voice to the voiceless. We stick together here, too – we know the power of community and know that, as Mancunians, we have far more in common than that which divides us.

And the Manchester of today is no exception. Under pressure, we pull together. We Love MCR works with some of our most vulnerable people and most ambitious Communities – to help them to write Manchester’s next chapter.

We know too well the problems that face us. Within our bright, international city, one in three of our children live in poverty, and one in ten Mancunians have no qualifications. Tragically, there are also those who seek to sow divisions within our Communities. We aim to address these challenges – by offering ways to spread opportunities and to help Communities to build themselves up. A little money really can go a long way when we invest it in direct support.

Our vision

In true Mancunian style, we’re coming together to say – We Love Manchester. All of Manchester. We’re building on the strong legacy of the solidarity of the response to the Manchester Arena attack and we’re coming together again to help our great city be the best it can be.

We will:

  • Help our young people gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed
  • Support communities to celebrate their diversity and find common ground

How are we going to do that?

Through things like the We Love Manchester Stronger Communities Fund, which will bring communities together. The Fund provides the opportunity for groups and individuals to apply for funding of up to £2,000 for initiatives that will bring their communities/neighbourhoods together to celebrate diversity and help build stronger relationships in and across those communities.

Our aims

The projects that the Fund works with will have the following aims:

  • Pride – celebrating neighbourhoods and the people that live there
  • Connect – bringing people together to celebrate the diversity in our city
  • Educate – providing the chance for people to learn about where they live and their neighbours, both within and across Manchester’s wards

By working together and pulling together, we can make Manchester a better, fairer, safer place for us all.

Find out how you can apply for funds here.

Young people

The other area where we concentrate on is our city’s young people. Our future starts here. We do this by using the Sir Howard Bernstein Endowment Fund to support young Mancunians with education, enterprise and employment. We know that those children who grow up in poverty may not have the connections that more affluent children have. The SHB Endowment Fund can support these young people not only financially, but also through an extensive and varied network of employers and trainers to create pathways for young people to move into a sustainable career that fits with their aspirations.

We also inspire our young entrepreneurs with Manchester Youth Markets – supporting young, budding entrepreneurs to get their business ideas off the ground. The programme is open to Manchester residents aged 16-30 who either have a business idea or are in the early stages of setting up their business and would like help to take it to the next level.

Big Experiences for Young Mancunians

The We Love MCR Charity provides support to families looking to build their resilience, by offering short breaks to help them to increase confidence and broaden their experiences. For many young people an opportunity to increase their self-confidence, improve family relationships and broadening their aspirations can have an enormous positive impact on their future. We do this through our flagship Ghyll Head Family Support Programme by Windermere. At Ghyll Head, we’ve been delighted to give hundreds of Manchester families referred to us by professionals the opportunity to discover new activities and ways of parenting, and to build their resilience and confidence to succeed.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester

The Lord Mayor of Manchester for 2020/21 is Councillor Tommy Judge.

Our History

​​​​​​​We have operated for many years as the charitable fund for the Lord Mayor’s office, as the key civic figure in our city. We are governed by a voluntary, independent Board of Trustees.

In recent years, we have presented ourselves as We Love MCR Charity, to reflect the love that we and our generous supporters have for our city. We welcome supporters from every corner of the city, and we encourage all Manchester’s communities to apply for one of our Stronger Communities Fund Grants.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charity Appeal Trust is a registered charity with number 1066972.