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Rising Stars Fund supports Beck in digital agency dreams!

Beck is an exceptional young man who is studying through a Digital Supported Internship at The Manchester College*.

During his time at college, he has discovered a passion and talent for digital marketing - his ambition is to run his own digital agency and work on video marketing projects. Beck has told us how the Digital Supported Internship has given him real work experience in the digital sector and he knows what he needs to gain more skills in order to work towards his ultimate goal of founding a digital agency.

Picture of Beck
Beck, our rising star!

As a wheelchair user, Beck sometimes struggles with typing but is inventive about finding ways around this, such as using voice to text software. He has told us that because of his disability, he has found it hard to find things that he can excel in, however he has found his stride working as part of a digital team – and tells us that he aspires to be a millionaire by the time he is 30!

Beck successfully applied to the Manchester's Rising Stars Fund for an award of £2,000 to purchase podcasting and presenting equipment, including lights, microphones and camera for him to develop his skills and get on his way to representing disabled people on the Rich List.

Beck’s tutor at college, Lizzie Northcote-Smith told us that:

Beck is a confident and skilled young person who shows remarkable commitment to his career goals. Beck is passionate about digital marketing and at only sixteen years old, he is already perusing freelance opportunities in his free time and working with family friends to help boost their businesses online.
Everything that Beck works on he shows determination and a drive to succeed. Beck lives in a single parent household. His Mum is his primary carer, and she’s not been able to work recently due to Beck and his younger brother’s support needs. I think that Beck is a brilliant candidate for the Rising Stars Fund, and feel like he has demonstrated clear career goals, passion and drive by already taking many steps towards improving his digital skills.

We Love MCR Charity are dead proud to support this clear Rising Star – we can’t wait to see him make his millions!

*The Manchester College are part of our MRSF Referral Partner Network


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