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Budding tattoo artist Roshay is a Rising Star!

Roshay is an incredibly talented young creative with dreams of putting her artistic skills to use by becoming a tattoo artist.

Picture of a smiling Roshay
Meet Roshay!

Roshay has bags of talent, her passions include illustration, photography, painting, music production (she can play the drums and the piano!), song-writing and multiple realms of performance - too many talents to choose from!

Supported by the Enterprise and Business Manager at Manchester Youth Zone*, Roshay decided to focus her sights and considerable skills on becoming a Tattoo Designer and Artist. She approached MRSF to support her so she can gain the professional training and equipment that are vital to enter and excel in the industry.

Some of Roshay's work
Roshay's work

Due to unfair circumstances, Roshay lives in supported accommodation on a very low income with no access to credit. Funding the course and equipment needed to get her started was an insurmountable barrier. Without the support of the MRSF, she simply could not use her talents to realise her ambition and seize the opportunity to break into her chosen career.

Our MRSF award allowed Roshay to attend a professional 3-day training course in July 2021 and also purchase her own professional Tattoo Gun and Ink, altogether costing £1,300. The tutors commented on her clear talent and reported that she will excel in the tattoo industry – check the picture of her in action below!

Roshay sat at a desk surrounded by art materials working on a design
Roshay on the tattoo course the MRSF funded.

Roshay said:

"I’d like to say a big “Thankyou” to the Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund for giving me this amazing opportunity to shape my future doing something I really enjoy. I’m grateful, and so excited to develop my experience in the artistic world!"

We were over the moon when Roshay told us that she has secured herself an Apprenticeship since completing the course! We're so proud to have supported Roshay by funding the course and the equipment she needs to kick start her career. She’s looking forward to gaining some studio experience and working with an accomplished tattoo artist. She will continue to work with Manchester Youth Zone, who will support her to showcase her work, link her in with professionals in the industry, gain experience, and ultimately to set up her own business in licensed premises.

We can’t wait to see Roshay make her mark on the tattoo industry!

*one of our MRSF Referral Partners


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