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Rising Star returns to Manchester as a pro baller!

All of us at We Love MCR are incredibly proud of Kizzy Spence, one of the very first to be supported by our Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund, which has made a difference to the lives of over 200 ambitious young Mancs in the years since.

Kizzy is a local basketballer who has spent the past few years down south honing her skills, with dreams of playing the game professionally. The 19-year-old has returned to Manchester in spectacular fashion – by signing a professional contract with her hometown team of Manchester Giants, the only North-West team in the top-flight of women’s basketball!

We Love MCR proudly supported Kizzy's remarkable journey, starting in 2020 when she was a gifted 16-year-old basketball player from Hulme. Kizzy's talent shone brightly as she not only played for Manchester Mystics but also represented England in international competition.

A young Kizzy aged just 16!

Recognising her potential, she earned a coveted spot on a Sporting Excellence Programme at Oaklands College's Basketball Academy in St. Albans, which offered specialised training and education for aspiring athletes. Many financial challenges came with a move to the South of England, but our Manchester's Rising Stars Fund stepped in to provide a crucial £2,000 grant that enabled Kizzy to embark on her Oaklands College journey, setting the stage for her to utilise her talents and develop in the best possible setting.

Kizzy's dedication and passion for the game paid off over the years. By 2022, she had evolved into a brilliant basketballer representing Oaklands Wolves in the Women's British Basketball League. Her journey has been inspiring, proudly flying the flag for working class autistic and BAME women in British basketball as she grew in confidence and experience.

Kizzy playing for Oaklands Wolves in 2022

However, with the transition to adulthood came financial responsibilities, including her college accommodation. We Love MCR recognised her hard work and continued commitment, awarding Kizzy another £1,000 from our Rising Stars Fund. This ensured that Kizzy could focus on her development path, pursuing her dreams in the elite world of professional basketball.

Kizzy said to us last year:

“I am so thankful for the Rising Stars Fund helping me over the last 3 years. This helped me to move out at the age of 16 and pursue my aspirations of being a professional basketball player. I am now playing in the Women’s British Basketball League thanks to this support.”

We are proud to have supported such a remarkable Rising Star, every step of the way in her journey, and can’t wait to see her flourish at Giants this season now she’s back in Manchester where it all started!


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