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Local digital artist supported by Manchester's Rising Stars Fund!

Sahdiha is an aspiring conceptual artist from Ardwick. She is on a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design at The Manchester College*, with dreams of working for the critically acclaimed Square Enix games developer in Paris.

Pic of Sahdiha

Sahdiha tells us that Square Enix create games with a focus on the human experience and mental health which resonate strongly with her life and the troubles she, and her family, lives with.

She is currently working on a game landscaping project called Protopia, making realistic changes to the world, with an aim of creating more mental health support for Greater Manchester.

Hospital appointments, alongside caring commitments, have interrupted her schooling and exacerbated worries about future employment chances.

She couldn’t access the equipment that many of her peers in digital art are privileged to have at the start of their journey, but her art spoke for itself in the images she shared with us all drawn and painted by hand.

This talent and passion gave our Trustees the confidence to award Sahdiha £1,574 for resources and equipment she needed to start her own digital art and illustrations, ensuring she is well prepared for university and future employment.

She has sent us stunning images of the first concept art she managed to create, using the high spec laptop, graphics tablet, printer, design software, paints and easel that our award gave her access to. Take a look at the mouth illustrations below!

3 digitally drawn and coloured illustrations of mouths with teeth
Sahdiha's first art with the equipment awarded

Sahdiha said:

“I would like to thank We Love MCR Charity for the award. This will help me in so many ways for my future and my mental health. It will allow me to work on building myself a portfolio for digital art in the future and gives me the tools I need for future art courses, as well as exploring my creativity and even more art styles. Having this award gives me hope for a future and not have that feeling of hopelessness I had before.”

We hope our award is just the right support and show of faith Sahdiha needed to progress on the journey that her talent and perseverance marks out for her - a proper Manchester Rising Star!


We Love MCR Charity awards grants every single month to ambitious young Mancunians. If you know, or are, a young person who is facing financial barriers to ambitions in work, qualifications or entrepreneurship, then give us an email at and check the Manchester's Rising Stars Fund page for more info.

*The Manchester College are one of our MRSF Referral Partners, a network of youth-focused organisations in Manchester who help us in our endeavour of giving young disadvantaged Mancunians the tools they need to succeed. Contact us for more info on how to become a Referral Partner.


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