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Noah* is a Manchester Rising Star!

Noah* is a driven young lad who came to us to support his attempts to continue developing and learning despite struggles he has faced lately.

Noah* has dreams of working in the automotive industry, enrolling into this course at college, however there are barriers to this dream. Spending recent years under care in Manchester due to parental abandonment, his education has been interrupted time and time again – not least due to having to disengage from College entirely due to Covid lockdowns. Virtual learning is unfortunately at the moment a privilege, not a right, and Noah did not have the resources at hand to complete the work he needed.

Due to losing a large chunk of his learning time, he had a tailor made package of alternative education made for him during his final year of school, in which he learnt his vital English & Maths skills alongside boxing sessions. These sessions proved hugely beneficial for Noah, having a significant impact on his self-confidence and self-esteem, but unfortunately funding ran out due to his age. We are delighted to have been able to not only award a grant to cover the costs of extending Noah's time on this programme, but also to agree on discounted fees meaning his grant goes even further and guarantee 6 months of this tailored support!

Keeping Noah* on this positive path towards building his skills, mental wellbeing and physical health is something we are proud to support with the Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund, providing him with the platform to push on and grab more opportunities. We wish Noah all the best in his future!



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