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Rising Star on next step in his business journey

We Love MCR proudly provide a second grant to pilot phase Rising Star businessman B* for promotional materials.

B is a care experienced young person - things had broken down at home and he was made homeless, including having to sleep rough sometimes. At 18, these experiences could have set his life down a difficult path. However, B is an ambitious, driven young man and accepted support from both the leaving care team and Enterprise Trust to help him pursue his dream of being self-employed.

With the support of a grant from the MRSF, B was able to purchase a laptop and printer to support his business of selling jewellery - B told us how the equipment was vital for processing orders, maintaining his website and communicating with his customers to get his business off the ground.

B then re-approached the MRSF 12 months later; He told us how the equipment had really helped him and he wanted to take the next step to grow his business even further. The MRSF was able to award him a further award to purchase leaflets, stickers and business cards to promote his business.

B’s Leaving care worker told us:

“I think the MRSF is incredible and really does give our young people an opportunity to achieve their goals no matter what that may be. A lot of our young people simply don't have the funds for start-up costs of business or essential items for other endeavours and to be supported by We Love MCR gives them a real springboard to success and makes their goals a reality.”

We are pleased to report that B’s business is thriving and we are so proud to have supported him on this journey. WLMC know that the right support, at the right time, can be life changing for some young people, as it has been for B.

*Name anonymised at request of the young person


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