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Rising Stars Fund gives aspiring barrister huge encouragement!

Fatema* is a remarkable young woman with a natural aptitude for advocacy and representing others, and she aims to utilise these qualities by qualifying as a barrister.

She is currently in her third year studying law at University of Manchester, with mini-pupillages and many academic achievements already under her belt, so she’s well on her way to realising that ambition.

Fatema studies law at University of Manchester, a prestigious university

Another of Fatema’s hopes is to become a reliable mentor to care-experienced young people, shaped by the 11 years she experienced in the care system from the age of seven. She was split from her siblings in the care system as a result of a house fire, her father being sent to prison and mother’s mental health issues.

The multiple traumas she lived through, and PTSD she lives with, have given Fatema, in her own words, a nuanced perspective of the world and drive to succeed in her chosen pathway.

Hand in hand with her advocacy work she is committed to increasing the representation of underrepresented groups at the highest level of the legal system, being a state school educated, Bengali, Muslim, care-leaver herself from the North West.

Fatema has excelled in her studies so far

Fatema has applied to study the Bar Practice Course (BPC) at the University of Law in Manchester, a 10 month course which is necessary for her to complete to join the Bar and qualify as a barrister in England and Wales.

However, the BPC requires a £12,100 fee which she could not afford alone despite working two casual jobs and putting all she can towards it.

We awarded Fatema £5,000 from the Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund to make up this shortfall for the Bar Practice Course, allowing her to fulfil her dreams.

Fatema told us:

“I would like to massively thank the We Love MCR Charity for awarding me this fund. This will undoubtedly support my career at the Bar by contributing towards my bar course fees. I am eternally grateful to have been successful and thankful for your compassion and generosity! Thank you so much again!”

We Love MCR Charity are in awe of Fatema’s determination, and we can’t wait to see this big-hearted aspiring barrister succeed in the legal profession!

*name changed at Young Person's request


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