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Rising Stars Fund supports aspiring masseuse!

Alex is an ambitious young man from Rusholme, graduating this summer from Manchester Metropolitan University in BSc(Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science.

Alex’s dream is to run his own massage business, and aims to start up his own enterprise and then scale up the business by opening a clinic with his sister.

He experienced significant hardship with his dad passing away three years ago. Sadly, he was made homeless as a result, and struggled to get a job due to not having permanent accommodation.

Despite these circumstances, he has studied hard at university and has a clear determination for success in his chosen field. Alex’s ambitions are grand – in his own words:

In 10 years from now, I see myself scaling up my massage business and clientele by opening my own massage clinic. Furthermore, I see myself travelling the world as an entrepreneur/investor looking for business opportunities whilst networking and building professional relationships. Within the next 10 years, I plan to be financially free, and in the position where I can spend more time with my friends and family, whilst helping people.

Alex applied to the MRSF for help with developing a specialism through courses such as a Sports Massage Level 3 Diploma, a Body Massage Diploma and a Pregnancy Massage Diploma. We awarded Alex £1,900 towards these courses that will allow him to take the next step in his career, developing a specialism in massage and channelling his passion for sport into his future.

Alex said:

“I am so grateful and appreciative for the grant you have awarded me. It will have a profound impact on my ambition to become a sports masseuse and shape the trajectory of my future career. Thank you for believing in me and providing this invaluable opportunity. Your generosity will never be forgotten.”

We have no doubt that Alex will achieve his goals, and neither does his referee, who said:

Alex achieved academic excellence, is able to manage his time efficiently, and has a high work ethic and determination to achieve. He is a mature young man who is more than capable of setting up and running his own massage business with the right guidance and financial support.

We Love Manchester is proud to support Alexander and wish him every success in launching his massage business!


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