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Samuel is a Manchester Rising Star!

We Love Manchester supports Samuel with a £1,140 grant to realise his creative potential.

Samuel is a wonderful young man from Monsall who is already doing big things. A former Member of Youth Parliament, he’s also involved with two brilliant Manchester institutions in Young MCR and Contact Theatre, who are especially important now more than ever given the disproportionate impacts the current pandemic is having on both youth and the Arts. He is currently studying at King’s College London, another impressive institution, that lays testament to his ability and determination.

His achievements are a result of these qualities, yet things haven’t been put on a plate for him. Living in a single-parent household created a big financial challenge for him in pursuing his many projects, that he one day hopes will be a source of income to himself and his family. These financial challenges have not stopped him from finding other young creatives and developing his skills with limited equipment, but he is under-equipped and underfunded, which has stunted the development of these skills

We gave Samuel a grant to purchase a range of specific high-tech recording equipment, to develop his videography skills, and further refine the quality of his content. With these new tools at his disposal he plans to create unique projects that he has had ready for years, but just hasn’t had the means to deliver on them. We’re delighted that our Rising Stars grant puts him in the position where he can realise his own potential!

The first of these two projects is ‘Crisis Talk’, a podcast where he hosts debate and discussions, and dissects the issues affecting the British African/Caribbean communities, aiming to come to productive conclusions. The second is the Young Medics show, existing with the objective to educate young people about health and wellbeing through deep-dive conversations on various health topics.

In his own words:

“These ideas sound grand but I know I need to take bold steps to achieve my ambitions and to put myself in the position to support my family. I believe doing these projects will allow me to bring other young aspiring creatives with me on my journey, platform them and help support those who need an alternative as I do at the moment. I’ve already begun this journey with a friend of mine, Pelumi. This may be a grant for an individual, but I hope I can use the skills gained and the content we create to support many other young people.”

You can hear the sincerity and magnanimity in his words, giving us no doubt as to Samuel’s status as one of Manchester’s Rising Stars. We love MCR loves Samuel and we’re sure anyone reading his story will too – we can’t wait to see his progression!


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