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We Love MCR sets up aspiring nail technician for success

We funded Demi to complete her college course and set herself up for employment.

Demi is a young woman from South Manchester who has lately been dedicating her time to studying vocational courses at Manchester College. She has completed Level 1 & 2 diplomas on her nail course, and is about to embark on her Level 3 Diploma, the most advanced nail course on offer which will enable her to provide a complete nail technology service and work as a professional nail technician, either self-employed or within a salon. These successes come with the backdrop of personal struggles with having been in the Manchester care system but she’s worked hard to hold herself above any adversity and her Leaving Care Advisor has only glowing recommendations of her commitment and character.

We’ve awarded Demi a grant of just over £220 to fund equipment & materials that she’ll need to not only complete the final section of her course, but that will also assist her in setting up herself in business or employment when she’s done. Hear her tell us what this grant means to her:

“I wanted to say thank you for helping me to pay for my college nail kit, this will really help me with what I want to do in the future so I really appreciate it. I’m now able to complete my Level 3 course in Nails & I wouldn’t have been able to without this help, I can use the kit in my college course & also when I finish & start my career.”

We love Demi, and we wish her every success on her course and what comes after – we’ll keep you updated on her journey as a Manchester Rising Star!


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