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We Love MCR supports linguistic talent in his academic journey

We Love Manchester supports asylum seeker Adam* with a vital grant to ensure his studies and academic success in Manchester. Adam* is a brilliant teenager who came to the UK seeking asylum, and now proudly calls Manchester his home. Lately he has been dedicating his time to studying English & Maths Level 2 courses at Manchester College, with the view to progressing to university level education in the near future.

Adam* came to us via the incredible team at Manchester Leaving Care Service who he continues to be supported by to this day. He’s shown a keen interest in learning and languages, and since he arrived in the UK he’s made impressive progress with his English skills, despite never having been to school. He would like to further develop his English language skills initially and hopes to go on to study languages later on, as he already has an incredible grasp on multiple languages for a person his age. Translation and non-English communication services are a hugely rising and diversifying sector in the UK right now, so Adam's* skills will be very well put to use!

Adam* requires a laptop to be able to fully engage with his courses. As an asylum seeker, he currently has no access to public funds, meaning there is simply no way he could fund what he needs to continue his progression by himself. His need for a laptop becomes even more pressing due to the ongoing pandemic and associated lockdowns, as the vast majority of lessons are now online. Adam* has been engaging with these since September via his mobile phone, which would be incredibly counterintuitive to anybody’s learning.

We’ve awarded Adam* a grant of £249 to fund the laptop & a years subscription to Microsoft 365 that he’ll need to not only complete the English & Maths courses he currently takes at college, but also to set him up for future further education & open himself up to the opportunities that he deserves. Hear Adam tell us what this grant means to him:

“Thanks to the We Love Manchester Charity I can now start my studies online! I was missing a lot of classes before as they are mostly done online due to the pandemic and I didn’t have a laptop. I can now join my online lessons and do my coursework. Thank you for supporting me to get a laptop”

We love Adam*, and we wish him every success on his course and what comes after – we’ll keep you updated on his journey as a Manchester Rising Star!



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