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Dippers raise £20k+ in We Love MCR Valentine's Dip!

After facing down fears of fire and heights in our past mind-over-matter challenges, our supporters have again outdone themselves by taking on the cold in our Valentine's Dip!

Eighty fearless 'dippers' went up to their necks in 6-degree February water, then faced a biting wind upon exit. However, it was all worthwhile as the total funds raised have come to an ice-cold £21,500 (so far), blowing our initial target of £16,000 out of the water!

Participants embraced the Wim Hof technique, engaging in a group yoga and breathing session beforehand to prepare them for the freezing temperatures they would encounter.

Our Chair of Trustees, the Lord Mayor of Manchester Donna Ludford, was present to award prizes for best outfit/hat, and there were some crackers! As shown by Chorlton councillors Eve holt and Mathew Benham enjoying a post-dip ice bath in full penguin outfits.

The funds raised will go directly to our Stronger Communities Fund, and Rising Stars Fund, which empower Manchester community projects and ambitious but disadvantaged young Mancs respectively. Find more about this work at

Two of our past Rising Stars aspiring photographers and digital content creators, Dylan and Abdimalig, took the photos you can see in this story! We're determined to give our young people opportunities to further their ambition.

View the event gallery below, courtesy of Abdimalig Ibrahim:


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