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We Love MCR Charity welcomes Lord Mayor as new Chair

Cllr Yasmine Dar takes the reins from Cllr Donna Ludford, who held the Chair of Trustees position for the last 12 months.

Cllr Dar was invested as the new Lord Mayor of Manchester on Wednesday, 17th May 2023, and in doing so she takes over as We Love MCR Charity's new Chair of Trustees.

For those that forget - we were founded as, and remain to this day, the Lord Mayor of Manchester's Charity!

The new Lord Mayor proudly serves as a Councillor for Moston, in North Manchester. Cllr Dar, a qualified hairdresser and make-up artist, pursued a degree in Social Work as a mature student while raising two young children.

With over 25 years of experience in the social welfare sector, she has addressed issues such as mental health, domestic abuse, welfare rights, and prison rehabilitation, making a lasting impact on individuals and communities. Yasmine's dedication and expertise have positioned her as a respected figure in the field, embodying the transformative power of compassion and perseverance.

Employed as a chaplain for over 24 years, Yasmine is a member of the multi-faith chaplaincy team at HMP Styal. She is also a carer, alongside her sister, for her Mum who has Alzheimer’s (part of the army of unsung volunteer heroes across Manchester).

The Lord Mayor has pledged to continue her aims of being a Community Activist for peace, justice and human rights in her tenure. Alongside her brother Majid, she founded the Youth On Solid Ground charity in Whalley Range.

Youth On Solid ground provide activities and development opportunities to hundreds of young Mancunians. Given our main funding programmes are all about supporting local community groups and young Mancs, Cllr Dar is uniquely well-placed to be our Chair and use her experience for Manchester’s benefit.

In her time as Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Dar threw herself feet-first into We Love MCR events such as our 2022 Abseil Challenge, and we can’t wait to tell you about our upcoming events she will make an appearance at!

We are privileged to have Lord Mayor Cllr Dar as our Chair of Trustees, and look forward to sharing further news with her at the helm in the coming year!


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