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Latest grants awarded by We Love MCR Charity!

Throughout the year, our Trustees award grants from our two core funds. The 'Stronger Communities Fund' (SCF), where we provide funding to groups making positive differences in their communities, and the 'Manchester's Rising Stars Fund' (MRSF) where we award grants supporting ambitious young Mancunians from disadvantage in their next steps to success.

We awarded 6 SCF and 4 MRSF grants in May 2024 which came to a total of £24,000! Here is the full list of the fantastic local projects and young people we supported, and we look forward to sharing further details about them with you as the projects and Rising Stars' ambitions develop.

Stronger Communities Fund

  • Blackley Community Hub

About: BCH is a community space offering advice and support on various topics. It was established in response to local poverty, deprivation, and growing mental health needs, exacerbated by public service cuts, COVID, and the cost of living crisis. The hub provides a community cafe, exercise sessions, financial and housing advice, crafts, and other activities.

Project: The funding will support the Wellmindz Women's Group, a peer support initiative for local residents struggling with mental health issues. The project aims to extend successful 8-week women's groups for 12 months, providing a collaborative space for women to talk, learn, and develop skills to manage low-level mental health problems and build relationships.

Award: £3,160

Location: St Paul C of E Church on Victoria Avenue, Blackley

  • Didsbury Civic Society

About: DCS has been in operation for over 50 years, seeking to preserve the history, culture, and green spaces within the boundaries of Didsbury East and West Council wards. They scrutinize planning applications, hold Heritage Open Days and Talks, and have reinvigorated Didsbury Centre by producing flower beds at Jubilee Gardens.

Project: The funding will support their 'Garden of Contemplation' project centred around the war memorial in Didsbury. The project aims to improve the area with new and improved seating, plants, and features, transforming it into a focal point for local events such as Didsbury Pride, Didsbury Festival, Christmas Light switch-on, and Remembrance Sunday.

Award: £3,794

Location: Wilmslow Road, Didsbury Village in front of the Library.

The DCS is delighted to have been awarded our grant. Which has been put to good use in the redesigned Garden of Contemplation. Which is the biggest and most exciting project that the society has undertaken within and on behalf of the Community. The award is also more than welcome as grant funding is now more difficult to secure during the cost of living crisis. The awarding of this grant takes us very close to opening the garden by the end of July 2024 and its official re-dedication on Remembrance Sunday 17th November 2024.

  • Bee Sanctuary Movement

About: The Bee Sanctuary Movement is a local charity set up to create bee sanctuaries and encourage people to create their own. They focus on creating green spaces and wildflower areas to support bees and other pollinators in Levenshulme.

Project: The funding will support the "Levenshulme in Bloom" initiative along the A6. The project involves installing planters, providing soil, and planting perennials and bulbs to create a greener, more bee-friendly urban landscape. The group will work with local businesses and volunteers to maintain the planters.

Award: £4,000

Location: Across the length of Stockport Road, Levenshulme

We are so glad that We Love MCR has given us funding to make this happen along the A6 because it reaches a totally new group of people... People have already come together on "Levenshulme in Bloom Action Days" to weed refresh, dig and plant all of the existing planters, and bring the Levenshulme Village Green to life... We all share a vision of a greener more loved Levenshulme, with loads of flowers, particularly wild flowers for Bees and other pollinators.

  • Longsight Community Art Space CIC

About: Established in April 2022, LCAS aims to celebrate the diverse communities in Longsight and provide access to creativity and creative opportunities. They are committed to enhancing the well-being and quality of life for local residents through artistic expression and community connection.

Project: The funding will support music and poetry workshops for local people, culminating in a performance at the Our Longsight Festival. Participants will create musical instruments from recycled materials and explore various forms of poetry. The project also includes support for those with mobility issues to attend sessions.

Award: £3,500

Location: Longsight

We are very happy to receive this award from We Love MCR Charity for Our Longsight Festival. This funding will enable us to create a truly inclusive arts offering during the festival on 17th August 2024 in Crowcroft Park with music and poetry alongside art celebrating South Asian heritage of Longsight.

  • Manchester Harriers and Athletic Club

About: Manchester Harriers & AC is a thriving, friendly club based in Wythenshawe park with over 300 members from age 7 upwards. Operating since 1886, they organize various events including a Primary Schools Cross Country league, Star Track, The Manchester Mile, and the Joe Moran veterans track & field event.

Project: The funding will be used for their Athletics Leaders programme, allowing the club to train and recruit more local leaders and coaches to deliver athletic sessions for all age groups, from beginners to elite athletes. The project aims to make athletics more accessible for youngsters in the area and reduce waiting lists.

Award: £1,200

Location: Wythenshawe

Thank you so much for the grant funding, this will enable use to recruit more leaders and coaches to deliver our athletic sessions for all our athletes from 7 years old to over 70 years old. From our Beginner sessions, Summer Holiday sessions and coaching session for our young athletes through to our elite athletes. It will make athletics more accessible for youngsters in the area and reduce our waiting lists. It is massively appreciated by all the club.

  • Friends of Manchester General Cemetery

About: FoMGC have been working to improve the cemetery since 2015. They organize regular activities including bat walks, bird box making, planting, nature and history walks, and clean-up days. The group works closely with local schools, churches, and various organisations to maintain and enhance the cemetery.

Project: The funding will support the 'Did You Know' project, installing 10 information lecterns highlighting graves of interest at the cemetery. These vandal-proof lecterns will provide information about notable burials, including the Manchester Mummy and Benjamin Brierly, enhancing the educational and historical value of the site.

Award: £4,000

Location: Manchester General Cemetery, Rochdale Road, Harpurhey

We are delighted to have been successful with our grant and are very proud about this latest project, it has taken many months to put all the information together. The ‘Did You Know’ project displays the graves of interest... going back to 1837 and now everyone can find out who is buried in the Cemetery, which is a beautiful green space in Harpurhey.

Manchester's Rising Stars Fund

  • Ahmed, 18, Rusholme

Ambition: To become a Taekwondo instructor in the UK, teaching in both English and Arabic.

Award: £800 - for equipment, 12 months of training fees, 12 months of insurance, and three belt gradings. As an asylum seeker with 5 years leave granted in the UK, Ahmed is on a low income with no family support to help him achieve his ambitions.

Ahmed's dedication to Taekwondo is evident, as his coach notes his aptitude for the sport and his ability to perform techniques above his current grade. His ambition to inspire other young people who may have had challenging starts in life aligns perfectly with our mission to support Rising Stars in Manchester.

"I am so happy to have been rewarded the funding to help me better my future. This opportunity will not go to waste and it will go towards my kit, belts, grading and coaching courses for my future Taekwondo tournaments and training. Thank you all at We Love MCR charity it means everything to me."

  • Jasir, 17, Fallowfield

Ambition: To become a diagnostic radiographer, currently studying BTEC Criminology and BTEC Applied Science.

Award: £1,135 - for a professional laptop and insurance. Jasir comes from a single-parent household where his mother cares for his older brother. The family relies on universal credit, making it impossible for them to afford a laptop for Jasir's studies.

Jasir's commitment to his studies and his community is commendable. He has been volunteering at his local mosque for over a year and is actively seeking clinical/medical volunteering experiences. His head of year at Trinity High School praised his dedication and work ethic, and so do we!

"As an aspiring radiographer, I am passionate about contributing to the healthcare field and making a positive impact on patients' lives. Your support has been instrumental in helping me pursue my studies in radiography, a field that requires both technical expertise and compassionate care."

  • Sjda, 16, Moss Side

Ambition: To become a family law solicitor, about to embark on A-levels in sociology, English, and history.

Award: £830 - for a standard iPad, pencil, and insurance. Sjda's parents are on low incomes, with her mother receiving universal credit and her father on a state pension, making it difficult for the family to afford a device for her studies.

Sjda's compassion and desire to make a positive impact on people's lives through family law is inspiring. Her work experience at a solicitor's firm and her teacher's glowing recommendation highlight her dedication and thoughtful approach to her future career.

"I'm so grateful for the kindness and generosity of the charity for investing in my future and giving me the tools I need to be able to reach my goals pursuing Law. They have made this journey easier for me and I hope to use this award in the best ways possible to help as many people as I can."

  • Tyra, 16, Ancoats and Beswick

Ambition: To become a lawyer specialising in corporate law, currently studying an Extended Certificate in Law + Criminology, A-levels in Politics, Psychology and Sociology, and an AS in Core Maths.

Award: £830 - for a standard iPad, pencil, and insurance. As the eldest of three children in a household where only her mother works, Tyra's family has limited financial resources to support her studies.

Tyra's is predicted to achieve A's in all her subjects, actively participating in the Sutton Trust's summer programme, and has learnt valuable skills in her role as a Young Manchester Ambassador since January 2023. These all show her commitment to success despite her age, and we are proud to support Tyra on her journey!

"The grant will make my studying so much easier and aid my studies. It came just at the perfect time and I will put it to great use!"


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