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MRSF: Tattoo artist's 2nd grant creates a buzz!

We’re delighted to re-introduce Roshay, an incredibly talented young Mancunian creative who has overcome several challenges in her journey.

We supported her from our Rising Stars Fund two years ago, and she continues to impress!

Meet Roshay!

Having been estranged from her family, Roshay had no other option but to find somewhere to live, and found herself in supported accommodation at Manchester Foyer. Despite these obstacles, she has been working hard to make her dreams a reality, using her talents as a self-taught artist.

Roshay has a clear vision for her future and is determined to pursue her tattooing career, aiming to rent a chair in a parlour as soon as she is able to. And as her talent and ambition develops, she has formed the long-term goal of opening her own Arts Foundation to provide young people with access to musical, creative, and therapeutic arts services.

We believe Roshay has great potential and want to keep supporting her on this path.

Roshay's art takes many forms

Krystia Souza, the Employability & Enterprise Co-ordinator at Manchester Youth Zone, spoke incredibly highly of her, saying:

“Roshay is a driven young woman with a vibrant, engaging personality and scores of ambition. She balances her many hats with humility and a quiet confidence. I'm amazed by the work I've seen her produce.”
“I have not met a young person with such natural gifts that has faced the barriers and challenges she has faced, yet still is persistent about pursuing the goals she has set.”

To get Roshay started, in 2021, We Love MCR Charity awarded her a Rising Stars grant to complete a 3-day professional tattoo course and purchase a professional tattoo gun-and-ink kit. This allowed Roshay to build her confidence and start tattooing on synthetic skin.

The award also enabled her to do an apprenticeship at a local tattoo parlour, and Roshay has continued to seek opportunities to develop her skills and build her clientele.

Roshay on the course we funded, 2021.

Roshay says:

“I also see myself pursuing my tattoo career much more than I am now, bringing people's ideas and expressions to life on their skin. I would love to be able to turn insecurities (e.g. a scar they may want covering) into something beautiful.”
This rose was self-tattooed by Roshay

Roshay has now moved into independent living at the age of 20, placing huge strains on her financially. . She is working two jobs, as a Teaching Assistant and a Youth Worker at Manchester Youth Zone, because her art ventures don’t yet provide a consistent income. As a result, she lives pay cheque to pay cheque, limiting her progress.

Roshay's determination and talent continue to inspire us, and we’re thrilled to announce we have awarded her a second grant of £2,221! This will fund an iPad, keyboard, and stylus pen to produce and store her incredible artwork, and a 10-day advanced tattoo training course to improve her drawing and tattooing skills whilst gaining all the necessary hygiene training.

Roshay adds:

“I can’t say thankyou enough for this amazing opportunity. I'm very grateful that I've been noticed for my talents and get the chance to enhance my skills in something I love.
"This will massively boost my confidence to start my own career in tattooing and illustrating, and is helping me stay on my path to success, as it’s just what I need to become even better in my craft.”

Here's a small gallery of Roshay's recent work, on paper, skin, and synthetic skin!

We Love MCR Charity is proud to continue supporting Roshay, and we believe she has the potential to achieve great things in Manchester.

We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her dreams become a reality!



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