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TRUSTEE NEWS: Farewell to Cllr Yasmine Dar's Transformative Leadership

In a heartfelt ceremony during Full Council at Manchester Town Hall on Wednesday 15th May, We Love MCR Charity bid farewell to Councillor Yasmine Dar as our Chair of Trustees.

Cllr Dar was Manchester's 125th Lord Mayor, and her remarkable tenure was marked by a dedication to community empowerment and inclusivity, and her focus for the year which was self-improvement and empowerment. A focus that couldn't have been better placed, as We Love MCR Charity is committed to empowering positive change for communities and young people across the city of Manchester.

The event, attended by city councillors, witnessed a chorus of praise for Yasmine's transformative impact on Manchester's civic landscape and We Love MCR.

Councillor Pat Karney hailed Dar as a "trailblazer," emphasizing her profound influence on the city's children. Highlighting a staggering 620 engagements conducted by Dar and her brother Majid, who served as the Mayoral Consort, Karney lauded their unparalleled commitment to community outreach, setting a potential record for mayoral engagements in a single year.

Reflecting on Dar's individual influence, Councillor Amna Abdullatif of Ardwick commended her as an inspiration to Manchester's youth, particularly those of South Asian heritage. Abdullatif's personal journey, from staff member at Community On Solid Ground (a youth charity founded by Dar) to councillor, underscores Dar's profound impact in nurturing future leaders.

Councillor Aftab Razaq of Whalley Range and Councillor Erinma Bell of Moss Side echoed sentiments of admiration for Dar's hands-on approach and warm reception within diverse communities. Councillor Jawad Amin of Crumpsall emphasized Dar's unwavering support for aspirational young people, noting her readiness to engage in every opportunity.

Cllr Dar at Wythenshawe Park, for the children's accessibility initiative we are driving

Crossing party lines, Councillor Astrid Johnson, Leader of the Green Party in Manchester, underscored the significance of Cllr Dar's leadership, symbolising unity and collaboration across political divides.

In her poignant farewell speech, the former Lord Mayor extended her gratitude to the Civic & Ceremonial staff for their unwavering support throughout the year and emphasised inclusivity, exemplified when she addressed the Council in British Sign Language during her speech. She cheekily quipped about her diplomatic stance on football allegiances, advocating for a "City United".

Majid Dar and Cllr Yasmine Dar at our Black Tie Dinner 2023 - wearing a dress made by a Rising Star!

Without a doubt her involvement with We Love MCR Charity was evident from the start, from daredevil feats like abseiling down a 270ft tower when she was Deputy Lord Mayor, to her steadfast dedication to visiting many community projects we funded, leaving a memorable mark on Manchester's fabric.

Under the Former Lord Mayor's stewardship, We Love MCR Charity has flourished, funding 59 community projects and granting over £195,000 through the Stronger Communities Fund. Additionally, 74 young Mancunians received life-changing support through the Manchester Rising Stars Fund, many of which she met, exemplifying Cllr Dar's dedication to nurturing Manchester's future leaders.

Cllr Dar getting stuck into our Abseil Challenge in 2022!

As the city bids adieu to Councillor Yasmine Dar as Chair of Trustees, the team at We Love MCR Charity extends heartfelt gratitude for her tireless dedication throughout her tenure. We look forward to continuing the legacy of empowerment in her final year as a Trustee.


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